Celebrating the things that make life Awesome!

I just had a birthday, BUT also hit another major milestone which I had to remember to stop and celebrate: Three Years Sober!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things I’m grateful for, and one of them is how nice it is to be hangover-free every day (and how much easier editing is these days because I’m not cleaning up after some sloppy lunatic, AKA “Drunk Writing Delilah) 😉

Anyway, this is just a reminder to stop and smell the roses once in a while, and celebrate the things you do each day to improve yourself, love yourself, and live the best life you can with the time that you have :).

You are beautiful, and anything you do to be the best version of yourself is something to be proud of, and grateful for!

Cheers! *raises a seltzer water*





FREE E-BOOK for anyone participating in #ADayWithoutAWoman! :)


Reminder, to all of you fabulous women participating in #ADayWithoutAWoman on March 8th:

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Please reach out, either via these comments or my email at delilahfawkes AT gmail DOT com, and let me know you’re participating in A Day Without a Woman, so I can give you some naughty reading material! 🙂

Treat yourself on this empowering day with a lovely read and some much needed Me Time! It’s my way of saying THANK YOU for being awesome, and making your households, your workplaces, and this entire nation better, just by being you!

Happy reading, my Fawkesy Friends! 😉

A very Delilah birthday :)

Today I turned the big 34! Okay, so that’s not so big, but I had a great day nonetheless, and felt very adult doing it.

I did grown up stuff like buy this:


Yes, that’s a Star Trek: Deep Space 9 journal that I found at an antique store and decided I desperately needed in my life ;).

And now I’m having cookies and pizza for dinner… Also like a grown up.

Hope you all are having a good Tuesday, and thanks to all who sent Birthday Wishes my way! 😀


How I Picture James Rockwood…Latest Billionaire Heartthrob!


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When I think of James Rockwood in my newest Billionaire’s Beck and Call Series, HITCHED TO HIM, I see him kind of like this, yummy abs and all!

No wonder James is always taking off his shirt….  😀 And no wonder our tough-as-nails heroine, Tallie, is falling head over heels!

What you think? Drool-worthy much? 😉


NEW RELEASE: Sworn to Him: the Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Five!

I’m thrilled to announce that the full novel version of SWORN TO HIM: THE BILLIONAIRE’S BECK AND CALL, BOOK 5 is available now, in the following stores:


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The steamy, sizzling, fun and quirky fifth book in the best-selling series THE BILLIONAIRE’S BECK AND CALL, is now available as a full novel!  

This romance has an HEA, no cheating, and can be enjoyed as a standalone for those who haven’t read the other books in this beloved series!

Damien Black…

And to think, when I woke up this morning, head splitting from the wild night before, I worried today might be boring.

Then again, when you were a billionaire with nothing to do except whatever you pleased, that was always your greatest fear: that boredom would creep into your life with no cure in sight. When you’ve seen it all and done it all, every party tends to look the same–every supermodel blends in with all the others, and each bottle of fine champagne is identical to the last. And in the end, all you have to show for your day is a hangover and the fact that you kept boredom at bay for one more day… barely.

But this–this little thief with her big dolls eyes and her tight little body squirming in my arms–this was something new. Something exciting.

No one ever dared cross me, the heir to the Black family’s steel empire, or my family, for that matter. We ran this town, and everything and everyone knew it. No one messed with Damien Black… which is why I couldn’t just let this little lady go.

No, no. She was far too interesting to just set free.

And beneath those baggy clothes and boy’s baseball cap, she was far, far too pretty…
Lilly Maverick…

Stealing’s easy.

It’s living honestly that’s hard, which is why I stick with what I know. I was taught how to lift a wallet before I learned how to throw a ball or ride a bike, and over the years I got damn good at it.

They say if you’re good at something, you should make a living out of it, and you’ll never work a day in your life… or something like that. Who the hell knows what normal folk do, with their 9-to-5’s and their white picket fences? I sure ain’t one of them, and I make my way the best way I know how.

That’s how I came to be in possession of the wallet of Mr. Damien Black, billionaire playboy, on that fateful June day, and how he suckered me into being his.

Normally, I wouldn’t spit on a man like him if he were on fire, even if he was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen in my life. Folks like him and folks like me didn’t mix, and that was that. Well, usually.

But when I bumped into him as we waited in a crowd together at the crosswalk, we made eye contact for the briefest of moments.

And it was then, I knew, my life was about to change forever…

*This often funny, devilishly charming romance has it all–lust, lies, love, and above all, an ending that you’ll remember long after you put this book down! Don’t miss this incredible ride from best-selling author, Delilah Fawkes!

**This 58,000 word novel comes with a FREE BONUS STORY in the back: “Hitched to Him, Part 1: Roped (The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Six)”!


Happy Reading!

Delilah’s back, baby!

Hi, Gang!

My website’s been down for a bit while I got distracted by… writing… n’stuff!

I’ve been a busy bee churning out exciting new erotica and romance, but now I’m going to get back to blogging, too, to make sure you guys stay up to date on my latest releases :). Also, it’s really fun, and I miss it… So there’s that, too!

Anywho, I look forward to seeing you in the comments and hearing from my Fawkesy Readers!

Love to all y’all ;),



The Billionaire’s Beck and Call Book Four is Available Now!



(The Billionaire’s Beck and Call Book Four) is Available Now in the Kindle Store!


Run to Him


It’s .99 Cents for TWO DAYS ONLY, so get it while it’s HOT!

Happy Reading! ❤


Fed to the Wolves, Part 5: Death Moon Rising, is AVAILABLE NOW!

Fed to the Wolves 5



Here’s a SNEAK PEAK, just for you, my fabulous readers!
Trix? You call fo’ us, girl?”
Quentin’s voice floated up the stairs, and I heard the others’ footsteps right behind him.
“Oui,” I said, and chuckled, blushing, even though they couldn’t see me yet.
Candles blazed all around me, covering the antique bureau, the end tables, and even the steamer trunk by the bedroom window that served as a window seat. The room was filled with the soft scents of vanilla and lavender, the window open and curtains tied back to let in the night breeze. Firelight flickered, making me feel like a goddess as I lay back on the huge four-poster bed, propped up on one elbow, wearin’ nothin’ but a thin, see-through white robe, as thin as gossamer, I’d found among Rosa’s old things.
What a naughty thing that Rosa is, I thought with a laugh. A woman after my own heart.
Quentin stopped short in the doorway, Bastian and Felix bumping into him, before falling silent themselves.
Ga lee,” he said, taking in the sight before him.
I laughed and bit my lip, suddenly shy beneath their heated gazes. I knew they could see every inch of my body, displayed in the flickering light of the candles beneath the gauzy robe, my nipples already hard, my body aching for their touch.
“Well?” I said. “What are you waitin’ for? An invitation?”
I shifted, lettin’ the robe fall open a little, the curves of my breasts bared for them.
There was some shoving, and then they were all there, surroundin’ me, Quentin kneelin’ next to me, his rough hand smoothin’ back my hair, while Felix moved to the foot of the bed, and Bastian behind me. Quentin captured my mouth with his, and for a moment, everythin’ else faded away except the exquisite feel of his lips, soft and warm, the rough stubble of his chin against my soft skin… the taste of his tongue as it danced with mine; sucking, tasting.
Bastian’s hands, tracing the curves of my body brought me back down to earth, as well as Felix’s soft caress on my inner thigh. I lay back on the bed, suddenly feeling small and vulnerable, beneath the shadows of these three muscular men, these brothers, these wild creatures, eyes now glowing orange and gold as they loomed above me; strong enough to tear me apart with their bear hands. I shivered, despite the warmth of the evenin’.
“What you wan’, Cher?” Quentin said, stroking my hair in a way that made my whole body tingle.
“I… want you,” I said. “All of you.”
I moved from his gaze to look at the others. A low growl ripped from Bastian’s throat as he stood, tensed above me. I could tell they were all holdin’ themselves back—holdin’ the beasts at bay with all the strength they could muster.
Quentin licked his lips and reached for the tie of the robe. He undid it with one hand, and jerked it open, baring me fully for all to see. I felt so naughty, so dirty, lyin’ there, beggin’ these three men to take me, to fuck me, right then and there. To fill me up with their hard cocks—to use my body until they couldn’t take it anymore and had to cum and cum and cum…
I made a small sound, halfway between a pant and a gasp, as rough hands gripped my naked body, pulling the robe away and flinging it to the floor.


Happy Reading, and stay tuned for a VEERRRRRRY exciting announcement, coming up! 😉