Fed to the Wolves, Part 5: Death Moon Rising, is AVAILABLE NOW!

Fed to the Wolves 5



Here’s a SNEAK PEAK, just for you, my fabulous readers!
Trix? You call fo’ us, girl?”
Quentin’s voice floated up the stairs, and I heard the others’ footsteps right behind him.
“Oui,” I said, and chuckled, blushing, even though they couldn’t see me yet.
Candles blazed all around me, covering the antique bureau, the end tables, and even the steamer trunk by the bedroom window that served as a window seat. The room was filled with the soft scents of vanilla and lavender, the window open and curtains tied back to let in the night breeze. Firelight flickered, making me feel like a goddess as I lay back on the huge four-poster bed, propped up on one elbow, wearin’ nothin’ but a thin, see-through white robe, as thin as gossamer, I’d found among Rosa’s old things.
What a naughty thing that Rosa is, I thought with a laugh. A woman after my own heart.
Quentin stopped short in the doorway, Bastian and Felix bumping into him, before falling silent themselves.
Ga lee,” he said, taking in the sight before him.
I laughed and bit my lip, suddenly shy beneath their heated gazes. I knew they could see every inch of my body, displayed in the flickering light of the candles beneath the gauzy robe, my nipples already hard, my body aching for their touch.
“Well?” I said. “What are you waitin’ for? An invitation?”
I shifted, lettin’ the robe fall open a little, the curves of my breasts bared for them.
There was some shoving, and then they were all there, surroundin’ me, Quentin kneelin’ next to me, his rough hand smoothin’ back my hair, while Felix moved to the foot of the bed, and Bastian behind me. Quentin captured my mouth with his, and for a moment, everythin’ else faded away except the exquisite feel of his lips, soft and warm, the rough stubble of his chin against my soft skin… the taste of his tongue as it danced with mine; sucking, tasting.
Bastian’s hands, tracing the curves of my body brought me back down to earth, as well as Felix’s soft caress on my inner thigh. I lay back on the bed, suddenly feeling small and vulnerable, beneath the shadows of these three muscular men, these brothers, these wild creatures, eyes now glowing orange and gold as they loomed above me; strong enough to tear me apart with their bear hands. I shivered, despite the warmth of the evenin’.
“What you wan’, Cher?” Quentin said, stroking my hair in a way that made my whole body tingle.
“I… want you,” I said. “All of you.”
I moved from his gaze to look at the others. A low growl ripped from Bastian’s throat as he stood, tensed above me. I could tell they were all holdin’ themselves back—holdin’ the beasts at bay with all the strength they could muster.
Quentin licked his lips and reached for the tie of the robe. He undid it with one hand, and jerked it open, baring me fully for all to see. I felt so naughty, so dirty, lyin’ there, beggin’ these three men to take me, to fuck me, right then and there. To fill me up with their hard cocks—to use my body until they couldn’t take it anymore and had to cum and cum and cum…
I made a small sound, halfway between a pant and a gasp, as rough hands gripped my naked body, pulling the robe away and flinging it to the floor.


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Fed to the Wolves 3: Blood Moon Rising, is AVAILABLE NOW!

Fed to the Wolves, Part 3: Blood Moon Rising, is AVAILABLE NOW in the Kindle Store!


Fed to the Wolves 3

Tonight’s the night I give myself to the wolves…

Tonight’s the night I let them devour me, ravage me, and hopefully breed me.

Tonight’s the night that I find out just how brave I really am. How much I’m willin’ to give to use my gift of Healing on these savage men, the Boucher Brothers sufferin’ under the curse of the Rougarou…?

But even though every fiber of my bein’ is achin’ to be touched and tasted and filled by these three gorgeous men, I can’t help but feel like that scared little girl who all the kids called “Spooky Gordon.”

What if they hurt me? What if I cry out, but the beasts have taken over? What if they won’t stop?

… What if I don’t want them to?

No matter how much I trust the Boucher Boys, they’re still killers. Dangerous, to say the least, the beasts inside them barely restrained, and howlin’ to be free. Only one thing’s certain…

After tonight, things will never be the same.



Could I get away if things got too rough? Could I cry out for them to stop, to please let me go, this has all be a terrible mistake, and rest easy that they’d listen? That they’d treat me gently? Let me go?
What’s more, did I want them to?
I bit my lip, looking up at them, my Boucher Boys, all three standing naked and erect over me, powerful thighs and strong calves close enough to run my hands over. I remembered the way they’d tasted, each of them, as they poured themselves into me, just a few short hours ago.
Savory and sweet and utterly sinful.
I leaned back on the grass, and let my arms fall over my head, open and ready for whatever they had to give. Ready to be mated by all three of them.
Ready to be ravaged by these wolves.
In the blink of an eye, flesh met flesh. Arms encircled my waist, hands kneaded my breasts, teasing my nipples, now achingly stiff. One of them roughly pushed my thighs apart, eager to be the first to take me, and I spread my legs wide, my body aching to be filled, aching to be fucked like the dirty little girl I was.
The dirty little girl I was just discovering. The naughty, filthy girl locked deep down inside for all of these years. That sexual creature now screaming to be released…


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