Fed to the Wolves

I’m thrilled to announce a sizzling new series, available for PRE-ORDER NOW, on Amazon!

FED TO THE WOLVES is a very naughty new tale featuring five sexy, dangerous brothers keeping a deadly family secret in the sultry swamplands of the Bayou. When Trixie Gordon, psychic investigator, comes back to her hometown after her grandmother’s funeral, she finds a lot more waiting for her than just a house full of memories. A tall, virile stranger comes calling, asking for her help–help only she, and her unique Gift can provide.

Quentin Bouchard is not only the devastatingly sexy bad boy of Cattail Creek–he’s also a man with a dark past–one that threatens to swallow the town whole. He and his brothers are living under a curse–a curse that is now spiralling out of control. Can Trixie help them, before more blood is spilled on the streets of this sleepy, Louisiana town?

Quentin makes it clear to her that there’s only one way to break the curse once and for all… and that it involves her giving up a whole lot more than just her spare time. They need her body, all five brothers, or the evil will never be sated.

Trixie’s not that kind of girl–not one bit!–but everything hangs on the line. Can she make the ultimate sacrifice, and give herself to these men, thesemonsters? 

Sometimes to do the right thing, you have to lie down with the wolves…

FED TO THE WOLVES is coming out August 10, 2015!

PRE-ORDER NOW, and have it automatically delivered on the release date, straight to your Kindle or tablet!

Trust me… this one is so hot, it will make you howl ;). Snap up your copy today!

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