Bound by the Viking 5: Conquered, is AVAILABLE NOW! The final chapter!

Bound by the Viking 5: Conquered is available now in the following stores:




Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to this darkly erotic series!

Here’s a sizzling sneak peak, just for you, my AMAZING readers…

Brenna’s wide, pleading eyes filled her mind: her dirt-covered face and matted hair caught perfectly in a shaft of sunlight for one still moment… Her lips mouthing “Aislin… Aislin…” silently, her words branding her sister’s soul like hot iron.

As long as Brenna was alive, Aislin knew she would do whatever it took to find her. She let this man touch her instead of slaying him when she had the chance, all because of her, because of the chance that a piece of her old life, her kin, still lived—still had the O’Byrne blood beating in her veins. If Brenna was alive, a part of Aislin lived as well… and she was more than just a thrall. More than just a slave to this new and terrible Master.

A Master who made you love him… A Master who owns not only your body, but your heart.


She squeezed her eyes shut, willing the terrible thought away, away from her, willing the image of Brenna to return in its stead, but it was no good. Her mind reeled with echoes of their lovemaking—the feel of his rough hands on her body, kneading her tender flesh, pulling her close, his fingers digging into her as he lifted her up off the bed and drove himself inside of her again and again.

She could still feel him there, stretching her, filling her… consuming her entirely—making her his. Her hand rested on her belly, but now she slid it lower, dipping a fingertip into her throbbing sex. Their wetness still mingled there—his seed mixing with her honey, still warm to the touch.

Tears stung her eyes, but she bit them back.

Just because he took you, doesn’t mean you’re his.

The words sounded hollow, even in her own mind, but by the gods, did she want to believe them. She’d said the words and taken him as her husband, yes, but only to spare her life for one more day—one more day so she could find Brenna and make her escape. Otherwise, she’d rather die than be joined to a monster like Alrik…

Wouldn’t she?

Now, lying in his arms, her cheek pressed against his muscular chest, she wasn’t so sure…

This is the final chapter, so don’t miss it! Snap it up today, and enjoy being CONQUERED!

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