New Release! GIRLFRIENDS WITH BENEFITS 2: 10 Authors, 10 Sizzling Stories–only .99 cents!



I’m so excited to announce the release of a HOT new box set of stories, just in time for the holidays!

GIRLFRIENDS WITH BENEFITS 2: TURNING UP THE HEAT is a collection of lesbian and bicurious stories from some of erotica and romance’s hottest authors, all for JUST .99 Cents!

My story in the box set is My Best Friend’s Bed, starring everyone’s favorite bad girl, Bailey, who a lot of you may know and love from the My Best Friend’s Brother stories. This time, Bailey’s ready to spice up a sleepover with her best girlfriends in a way only she can!

One reader of My Best Friend’s Bed had this to say on Amazon:

“This book really will put you in doubt of your sexuality. It gives the point of view of being with a girl and all I can say is wow.”

I do what I can to corrupt ;). Love it!

That story by itself is usually $2.99, but now it’s included with 9 other sizzling, sexy stories from some of today’s best authors for just .99 cents! It’s over 200 pages of dripping, sensual erotica, for less than a dollar–get your copy today before this super low price is gone!

Now available in the following stores:


Barnes and Noble

Coming soon to iTunes!


The Description:

What’s a girl to do when she’s looking for something new?

Your girlfriends are back with a second sexy collection, giving you a sultry look into the lives of female lovers. From ten of the hottest writers in lesbian romance and erotica, this passion-packed bundle has everything that you desire. Whether you’re looking for scorching tales of unbridled lust or steamy stories packed with toe-curling temptation, this anthology is sure to leave you satisfied like only your girlfriends can. 

Pick up your copy today and get a second helping of even more of the touching, tasting and teasing that you know you love. Be sure to “look inside” for a description of all ten hot titles and don’t forget to pick up the original ‘Girlfriends with Benefits’ to complete your own private collection of the best lesbian fiction around!


And a sizzling sneak peak of my story, My Best Friend’s Bed!

“Fine,” she said, pouting. “It’s Bailey’s turn. Truth or dare?”

I passed the bottle to Savannah, and we exchanged another inscrutable look. What was going on in that pretty head of hers?

“You know I love a good dare as much as the next girl, but tonight, I’m going to go with truth.”

Savannah pretended to look shocked, and I play shoved her with my shoulder. Her skin was hot against mine, and I could smell a whiff of her shampoo this close. Something fruity and sensual.

“Truth, huh?”

Jenny squinted at me, and I wondered if she was going to ask me about the other night I slept over. Would I dare tell her if she did? Could I tell her to her face that I screwed her dad?

“Hmmm. Okay, I’ve got one. Have you ever fucked a teacher? And if so, who?”

I grinned, looking down at my lap. “That’s one I haven’t done yet, but it’s totally a fantasy. If I did, though, it would so be Mr. Clark. I’ve seen the bulge in his slacks, and you can tell that man is packing like a Clydesdale.”

Jenny screwed up her face, but the blush on her cheeks gave her away. She had the same fantasy about Clark, and we both knew it.

“Savannah, your turn, darling,” I said, eyeing her. She stared back at me boldly, a smirk twisting her sexy lips into a grin. “Truth… or dare.”

“How about both?”

Jenny and I both gasped. “Whoa, somebody’s daring tonight! You sure?”

“Hell yeah. But if I do both… you two both have to do both, too, on your turns.”

“Hmm.” Jenny and I looked at one another and nodded, laughing. “Deal. What do you want to ask, Jenny?”

Jenny looked back and forth between the two of us. “Have you ever kissed a girl, Savannah?”

Savannah looked at me and licked her lips unconsciously. “No. But I’ve always wanted to know what it was like.”

Jenny sucked in a breath, and I could see the color increasing on her cheeks.

“What’s my dare?”

Tension was thick in the air, and both Jenny and I knew what was about to happen. Which one of us would be brave enough to say it?

“I dare you to kiss Bailey,” Jenny breathed. “You know. If you want.” She took a sip of wine and wiped her lips slowly.

Savannah smiled sensually, and my pussy heated beneath that gaze. I’d thought about kissing both of my sexy friends, and more, so many times. Would it be as good as I’d imagined? Were we ready to go there?

I leaned closer, and saw her eyes flit down to my cleavage. She smoothed her hair back, and scooted toward me until we were both on our knees, mere inches away from one another. She was breathing shallowly, her pupils darkening. I tossed my sucker across the room into the trash and licked my lips.

It was time to find out.


Happy reading, my lovelies! 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Release! GIRLFRIENDS WITH BENEFITS 2: 10 Authors, 10 Sizzling Stories–only .99 cents!

  1. Delilah, So I know that we don’t know each other, and that I’m just a fan of your work, but I’ve been thinking about you today and I just wanted to say that as an outsider I think you are amazing. Truly. I understand how family drama can beat you down and rip your self confidence. If I had a choice back then I would have chosen bruises over words . Words stay with you forever. Bruises fade. You may not realize this but you have helped me in a way I will never be able to repay . You see I have cerbal palsy so I read a lot , it takes me to a place where I’m not sick. I don’t think about my pain, or that I have trouble getting dressed or sleeping, people don’t stare or whisper about me . I can just be myself and go somewhere else . So for the time I read I’m normal. So as a stranger to you , thank-you. Thank-you for being fantastic at your job as an author, thank-you for being kind to your fans. Thank-you for being an unbelievably beautiful person inside and out . Just thank-you sweetheart. You have a fam in me for life . I know that sometimes it can be a good thing to hear what an outsider has to say and that’s all I wanted to say to you. Hope your well and that 2014 kicks ass for you. Krista

  2. Wow, Krista… just, holy wow. 🙂

    This comment touched me so much tonight, just when I needed it, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experience, and these kind words. Bless you, and thank you so much for not only being one of my readers and supporters, but an amazing, kind individual who is now a friend :).

    I’m so glad I’m able to touch your life, and thank you for touching mine! I wish you a very happy holiday, and thank you again for this! ❤ You made my year!

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