Meet Jackson Pierce: Billionaire Bad Boy Turned Politician…

Feel free to fantasize as you will, but here’s a jumping off point…

Who is Jackson Pierce?

In Tied to Him: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Three, we meet a new, oh-so-sexy billionaire: former bad boy turned politician, Jackson Pierce.

Where Chase Drake in The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book One is intimidating, cool, and difficult to those around him, Jackson is outwardly very friendly and charming.

And unlike his younger brother, Maxwell, who we met in Bound to Him: The Billionaire’s Beck and Call, Book Two, whose fiery, impulsive nature got him into trouble, Jackson is all about using his head.

But despite seeming like he’s got it all together… Jackson Pierce is a man with a secret.

Because when he lets his mask fall, what lies beneath would ruin his golden boy act for good. He’s more than wild, he’s downright feral, a predator whose aggressive lovemaking is matched only by the filth that comes out of his mouth in the heat of passion.

Now that the media’s caught wind of his past as a dominant in a BDSM club, he’s only got one thing on his mind–how can he hide his sexual nature, the part of himself that shames and alarms him, before his political aspirations are ruined?

Because on top of it all, Jackson Pierce cares about the community–about doing lasting good. If he’s not elected, school programs will be cut and kids will go hungry.

When his campaign manager suggests a marriage of convenience to a local charity worker to clean up his image, he jumps at the chance.

But what Jackson Pierce doesn’t know is that some things are out of his control… especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Here’s a special sneak preview showing off Jackson’s wild side, from Tied to Him:

“It’s effortless with you,” he said. He looked past me, his eyes distant. “With the women I’ve seen, it was always… different. Harder.”
“Even with the women at the club?”
He stiffened beside me, and immediately I regretted my words. After all, this was what he was desperately trying to cover up. His past. His scandalous affairs and unusual appetites.
“I’m sorry, Jackson. Forget I asked.”
He looked at me for a long while, his eyes thoughtful.
“I think that’s why I went to the club in the first place. With the women there, it was uncomplicated. No emotion, no attachments, no dates or detail work. It was simple.”
I looked down at our hands, still entwined, not knowing how to respond.
“Seems you do well with fake girlfriends,” I finally said.
I laughed nervously.
“That’s different. You’re different.”
“It’s just the other side of the same coin, isn’t it? Passion without a relationship, or a relationship without passion…”
What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I just shut up already?
Jackson looked at me again, his brow furrowed.
“I wanted to make you happy tonight.”
“Don’t you see, Rose?”
His voice was low and dangerous. He leaned forward and ran his thumb over my cheek, his touch electric.
“I didn’t have to. I know what this is, but I needed to make you happy tonight.”
He was so close now, I worried he could hear the frantic beating of my heart.
“What are you doing to me?”
His hand moved down to my neck, his fingers trailing down my skin. I whimpered, looking into those dark eyes of his, his words echoing my own thoughts. What were we doing? What was this attraction that was so hard to resist, despite our best intentions?
His fingers wrapped in my hair, and he tilted my head back roughly. I gasped.
“What are you fucking doing to me?”
His voice was rough, raw, his eyes glinting like a predator’s. Before I could say anything, his lips were on my neck, his tongue tasting me, making my whole body quake. He held me captive, but I didn’t want to escape. When his hand snuck up my thigh beneath the hem of my dress, I groaned, my body already wet for him.
My restraint was gone, left back on the dance floor of the bar, and I reached for him, running my hands up his chest, loving the feel of his hard muscles beneath my fingers.
He growled in my ear.
“I want you, Rose.”
I whimpered as his hand crept higher. His fingers brushed my panties, making me squirm against the leather upholstery. His mouth met mine, his teeth rasping over my lips. He bit down, and I moaned.
He rubbed me, teasing me through the thin cotton covering my sex, rubbing my folds in a way that made me pant as he held me fast, his hand still fisted in my hair. I needed to touch him back, to please him. I reached down and felt him, hard as steel beneath his slacks. His erection twitched against me, and he exhaled.
The car rolled to a stop. Jackson sat back, breathing hard, and adjusted himself just as we heard the driver’s door slam shut. I patted my hair down and jerked down on the hem of my skirt. My door opened, and the driver smiled at us. His eyes landed on the ring, and his face lit up.
“Are congratulations in order, Mr. Pierce?”
“Yes, Matthew. You’re looking at my gorgeous fiancée.”
“Well done, both of you,” he said, helping me out of the car, then wringing my hand. “What wonderful news.”
Mr. Pierce shut the door behind him, and took my arm.
“Thank you very much, but if you’ll excuse us…”
“Of course, Sir! Have a good rest of your night.”
The driver gave us a wink and a grin before Jackson rushed me into the house, breezing past the butler with a curt “Good evening,” and ushering me up the stairs like we were escaping a fire.
At the landing, he scooped me up, and I shrieked as he threw me over his shoulder. Once in the master suite, he slammed the door and pressed my back against it, pinning me with his arms. The look on his face, bald, animal lust, was almost frightening, especially compared to his usual, public calm.
“Tell me you want this.”
I panted, my whole body a live wire, thrumming in anticipation over giving myself to him. Of giving up control, just one more time, and letting myself submit. To him, to my own desire… Just for one more night before sanity set in once more.
“Yes,” I breathed.

That was all it took.

Stay tuned this week for more exciting sneak peaks, giveaways, and so much more!

Tell me: Do you think men with a dark side are sexier? Why or what not?

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