Delilah’s Fawkesy Sex Tip of the Week: Know Thyself!

All of this *cough* research *cough* I’ve done for my stories has had the added benefit of making me something of a Sexpert, and I’d love to bring my knowledge straight to YOU with a sizzling sex tip each week!

If I haven’t done it myself, I’ve probably either watched the live action version (thanks, Internet!) or researched allll the juicy details from someone who has. You’re in good hands, my lovelies!

So, let the free sex tips begin!

Since it’s our first time, I’ll make sure to be gentle…

Fawkesy Ladies Know How They Like It.

Know yourselves, girlfriends.

As RuPaul is fond of saying, “If you don’t love yourself, how the heeeell you gonna love somebody else?”

I’d listen to this bitch if I were you. She’s like… 11 feet tall.

I challenge you: If you don’t love yourself, how the HELL are you gonna get good lovin’ from somebody else??

We’ve come a long way, baby, but in my talks with the women in my life over the years, I’ve learned something shocking:
Some of them never fly solo, or if they do, they’re ashamed to truly explore their bodies!

It’s a pretty well known fact at this point that most women cannot achieve orgasm from penetration alone, and that you need a little extra TLC in order to get to the promised land. Whether it’s from a vibrator, manual stimulation from your partner, or touching yourself while you ride the bone rollercoaster, you need something extra to get the job done.
I’ve found, though, that exploring your body, letting go of shame when you’re alone and allowing yourself to really play and discover new things about yourself, leads to a much more satisfying (and less frustrating!) time when you’re with your partner.
For example, I used to find it hard to orgasm in certain sex positions even when I was touching myself or being touched. Why? Because I’d only masturbated lying on my back, like most women do, and when there was a change of position, I was suddenly at a loss. I had no sexual muscle memory, and it was harder to get there!
Here are my tips for getting to know yourself better:
  • Masturbate in different positions to find what works in each one. Try kneeling doggy style, or sitting up with your thighs spread like you’re on top. Have fun and teach your body to cum in each different position. Get used to where you like your hands and how to get them where they’re needed!
  • Try a toy! Play with some hands-free vibrators, or a couples vibrator. If you enjoy a sexy vibration, there are options that allow you to play alone, and share the fun later with your partner!
  • Touch your whole body. Each woman is different and has different erogenous zones. Suck on your finger–seriously! Sometimes having something in your mouth makes things more fun. Try pinching and rolling your nipples with one hand while you touch yourself with the other. Try touching your anus. Caress your inner thighs. Find out which parts of you feel oh-so-good and add to the experience. 
  • Don’t be shy! Tell your partner what you learned about yourself. If you show them what you like, I guarantee it will spice things up when it’s time to get down.
So go forth and masturbate, gals!
The more you know about yourself, the better your sex, the better your partner’s self esteem, and the better your love life!
Any sexy questions you’d like discussed in the coming weeks? 

Ask your old pal Delilah via email, or post anonymously in the comments below (or not anonymously if you’re totes brave and stuff)!

I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you and get Fawkesy together!


Update: I have officially convinced one woman to masturbate tonight.

*blows on smoking vibrator and puts it back into holster.*

My work here is done.

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