Woo hoo!

I’m happy to announce that Bound to Him, Part 4 is now live in the following stores:

Barnes and Noble

The Description:

Time is running out for Lucy to save her brother…
When Maxwell Pierce catches Lucy in a lie, he makes her tell him exactly what’s going on with her brother, Alex, now lying bruised and beaten in the prison hospital. She spills the truth, and he forces her to take him with her to see Alex and think about their next move.
When Isabeau and Chase show up, they come together in a scheme to pay Dmitry off. But when he asks for a more money, they know they’re in serious trouble. How do you get a gangster off your back when he keeps asking for more?
And a sizzling sneak peak!

“What can I do for you tonight, my sweet girl?”
I looked up into those piercing blue eyes. He was so close—so very close—and his eyes were soft tonight, the startling blue holding a look that felt like a promise. He wanted to care for me. He wanted to comfort me if that’s what I needed. He wanted to be here for me now.
I tilted my chin up and kissed his lips, loving the way he sighed into me. Our tongues brushed, and I ran my hand through his dark hair. It was still wet from his evening shower, and he tasted of mint. I kissed him harder, moaning now, unable to help myself, despite the knot of worry in my stomach. He was exactly what I wanted. What I needed. God, but I couldn’t get enough of this man.
I felt him stir beneath me and smiled. I brushed the curl from his forehead tenderly, wondering what he wanted, too.
“Tell me, Lucy. How can I make you feel good tonight?”
I wrapped my arms around him, holding him close.
“Take me away,” I said. “I want you to distract me from what we’ve got to do tomorrow. Please… just take me away, Master.”
He gazed into my eyes, then, and for a moment, I felt like he was looking inside of me, trying to read my thoughts. Finally, his lips twitched into that half-grin that I loved so much.
“As you wish.”
He stood, picking me up with him. I held on tight, a giddiness filling me as he held me, like it was nothing. He placed me gently on the comforter, my head resting on the luxurious pillow. He leaned over, placing an excruciatingly soft kiss on my mouth, then pulled away. I arched my back, trying to follow him, but he pressed me down with a hand on my chest.
“Lie back, little one. Lie back and close your eyes…”

Eeek! I’m so excited to share this one with you :). The next installment will be the LAST, and it will be out next week. 

Happy reading, my darlings!


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