Technical difficulties for Nook readers

Hi, guys!

I wanted to give you a quick head’s up about something I’ve been working on getting fixed.

If you bought BOUND TO HIM, PART 2 on Barnes and Noble, please delete and re-download your file. 

It looks like when I originally published this title, I accidentally uploaded the file for book one. Eep! I corrected the issue on 3/17 thanks to a gracious fan letting me know (thank you, Linda!), but now I’m seeing that book one is *still* showing up in the “read instantly” preview :(.

I re-uploaded it just to make triple sure, and emailed Barnes and Noble. They said that whoever downloaded the other version can delete it off their nook and re-download, and the new, correct version should pop up.

I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience because of this! If for some reason, you bought one and are still having an issue, please contact me at delilahfawkes at gmail dot com, and I’ll make sure you get taken care of :).

Thanks, all for your patience, and for being my awesome readers.


UPDATE: It’s definitely fixed on B&N, so if you delete your old file and redownload it, you’ll be all set :). Thanks again, my lovely readers!

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