Kidnapped by a Viking? Yes, Please!

Awwww yeaaaah.

Sometimes when I’m working on a series, I start another project, just to keep the ol’ juices flowing when I’m stuck. It keeps me productive–what can I say?

In this case, that other project is SEXY ASS VIKINGS!

Here’s the description:

When Aislin awakes in the dark, ropes binding her wrists, she doesn’t know where she is or what’s to become of her.

All she knows is her village was burned to the ground by those brutes from the north–the Vikings–and her family put to the sword. All except her sister who she saw dragged away kicking and screaming.

So when she’s taken by longboat to Norway and presented to the devastatingly sexy chieftain, Alrik as a gift, she knows her life is truly over. She is to live as a thrall–a life of service and humiliation, something the noble O’Byrne blood flowing through her veins rails against.

But the chieftain has other plans for her. He vows that before long, she’ll grow to love him. In fact, he plans to train her to submit to him, body and soul–to force her to be his, through and through. Will Aislin keep her strength, or will she learn to submit to Alrik, as he trains her through pleasure and pain to be his?

And a sizzling sneak peak!

“Yes… Master.”
The word tasted foreign on her tongue. Her family had been poor, yes, but they’d never been anyone’s servant, much less a kidnapped slave. An ache grew in her chest, and she wondered how anyone could stand it? Being caged like a bird, unable to do anything but please another against your free will?
“Good girl.”
He pulled her roughly to him, and sat her on his lap, his strong arms encircling her delicate frame. Her heart hammered in her chest, but she remained still, forcing herself not to struggle. She could feel his heartbeat against her back and smell the masculine scent of him—leather and horse and the spicy musk of his sweat. More than that, his rock hard body surrounding her made her body heat, responding to him in a primal way that was unwanted, yet still exciting. Forbidden.
She’d never been held by a man before. Not like this.
The Viking chief stroked her hair, letting its silken strands fall through his fingertips. She shivered in his arms, and he chuckled.
“You’re mine now, little girl. You’d better get used to my touch.” He leaned in until his lips were on her ear, his breath tickling her. “And I will touch you how and whenever it pleases me.”
The soft brush of his mouth on her neck made her whimper, a fire building inside of her at his touch.
“Yes, Master.” 
Bound by the Viking (A Reluctant BDSM Erotic Romance) is available now in the following stores:

Happy reading!! Lush Curves 5 is coming soon, too, so stay tuned ;).

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