LUSH CURVES 4: OVERBOARD is now live for Kindle and Nook!


I’m happy to announce that LUSH CURVES 4: OVERBOARD is now live in the following stores:

Barnes and Noble

Here’s the description:

Overwhelmed by Gavin Fletcher’s betrayal, Aolani feels truly lost at sea when the crew departs on the yacht for the UK, and the last stretch of the CEO’s “Live Beautifully” campaign. She and Gavin are avoiding one another, their doubts and fears keeping them apart, until Aolani steels her nerves and confronts her brooding boss.

But things aren’t what they seem in Gavin’s world, and Aolani finds herself with a decision to make. Will she risk her job and, more importantly her heart on this broken man? 

Aaaand a sizzling sneak peak!

His intensity made me want to give him everything I had tonight. To make him feel blissfully good, letting go of his troubles for one unhindered night. To laugh. To cry, if need be. To feel how much I wanted him.

I settled for running my hands over his hard chest until he groaned, his breath tickling my forehead.
“Lord, Aolani… What you do to me…”

I felt him rising against me, his erection pressing into my belly. I reached down and stroked him through his pants.

“I want to make you feel good, Gavin,” I whispered.

He stared down into my eyes again, but now the fear was gone, replaced by a hunger so deep it was almost frightening. I reached up and undid the top buttons of his shirt, before he captured my hand and kissed my palm hard, his tongue darting out and tasting me. I gasped, and he grinned wolfishly, before pulling his shirt roughly over his head.

“I want to see you,” he growled.

I reached behind my neck to undo the halter tie of my sundress, but he was already pulling it up from below, greedy to have me naked before him. I raised my arms and let him drag the fabric off me, feeling my nipples pucker as they hit the air. I shook the hair out of my eyes and screeched as I felt him ripping my panties down my legs, his hands shaking in their impatience to have me the way he wanted me.

“God almighty,” he said, holding me at arm’s length and looking me over. “I will never get tired of this… So goddamn beautiful.”

I felt his gaze like a caress, his eyes roaming the slopes of my breasts before traveling down my stomach to the swell of my hips, then finally down to my bare sex, already hot and aching for him.
“You want to make me feel good?”

I reached out for him, hesitantly touching the sculpted lines of his chest and abs.

“Yes,” I breathed.

“Then let me explore you,” he said. His voice was low and husky, his eyes so dark they looked almost black.

I felt the color rising in my cheeks. What did that mean? Explore me? But I nodded, licking my lips, ready to please him–this beautiful man who wanted me as badly as I did him.

He exhaled sharply. “Come to me.”

The way this is going, I think LUSH CURVES 6 or 7 may be the last installment of this serial!

Just wanted to give you a head’s up that things are getting real ;). Haha. Enjoy!

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