LUSH CURVES 3: MAKING WAVES is now live for Kindle and Nook!

Awwwwww yeaaaaaaah!

Lush Curves 3: Making Waves (A BBW Erotic Romance) is now available at the following retailers:

Barnes and Noble

I’m so excited about this one!

Here’s the description:

Curvy beauty Aolani Kahale still has her doubts about being the model for CEO Gavin Fletcher’s “Live Beautifully” campaign, but when she and the crew arrive on the islands of Turks and Caicos, she begins to let loose and enjoy the ride.

Gavin Fletcher is happier than he’s ever been. Making love to a gorgeous woman night and day in your island mansion will do that to you. 

But when Aolani pries into his past, emotions threaten to boil over, shattering his carefree exterior. Gavin has a dark secret he’s not ready to divulge, and it may be the one thing that tears them apart, just when they thought they were getting closer than ever.

And a sexy sneak peak–YUM!

“So? What do you think?” He grinned at me, his eyes twinkling. 

“About the room or… about you?” I grinned back. 

His pupils darkened as his eyes bored into mine, and I felt the air crackling between us. 

“Both,” he said.

Our lips met before I could think, his strong hands sweeping me up, crushing me to him, pushing my doubts away, out of the room, to drown in the ocean waves sliding up and down the shore below. 

I clung to him as his tongue ran over my lips, opening my mouth to him with a whimper. He kissed me harder, his hands running down my back to grip my ass firmly, squeezing me as he pulled me closer. There was a throb between my legs that couldn’t be ignored, a hot pulsing matching the beat of my heart, now racing as our breathing quickened together.

He broke the kiss with a gasp. “Fuck…”

I could feel him hardening against me, feel the heat from him as he pressed his erection into my belly. His hand found my breast and kneaded it, making me cry out as his thumb brushed my taut nipple. 

“Oh, God,” I whispered. “Please…”

He ground against me, his teeth nipping at my neck. “I want you, Aolani,” he said through gritted teeth. “I need you. Now.”

I nodded, helpless to resist, my own body responding in kind, my need on fire for him. Logically, I knew everyone was just down the hallway, that Thomas and Sandra were just a few meters away packing for the afternoon photo shoot. 

There was a thud as someone dropping a piece of equipment, then a muffled curse. 

Gavin turned to the doorway, then back to me, his eyes pained. There was a brief moment of hesitation, then he reached back and snapped the lock shut. 

“We’ll have to be quick,” he said. “And quiet. Can you do that?”

I pressed my lips together and nodded. 

With that, his mouth met mine again, urgent and rough, both of us coming together, desperate for one another. I groaned, then stifled a giggle as Gavin shushed me. 

“Be quiet, lass, or I’ll have to gag you,” he whispered, slipping a hand beneath the bottom of my sundress. 

The plot thickens in this installment–you don’t want to miss it! 

Happy reading, and thanks so much for being my awesome, amazing readers! 🙂

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