Be Heard: Rock the Vote Tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s the big day! Election Day is finally here, and it’s time to exercise our most basic rights as Americans.

Please, no matter who you support or what your political stance is, do your part and VOTE tomorrow :). It’s so important, because it’s more than just a ballot–it’s a message to those who represent you about what your wants and needs are. 
It doesn’t matter if you’re in a swing state–every single vote and voice matters! Tell your representatives what YOU care about. Make your voice heard!
Important things to know:

1. Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee currently have a requirement for a photo ID in order to vote, but all other states DO NOT require it. Even if you’re asked, it’s not required, and you will be allowed to vote without it. Some states accept just your name and address, or a copy of a bill addressed to you as proof of ID.
NOTE: You DO NOT need a photo ID to vote in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas or Virginia. Voter ID laws were struck down or blocked for this election because they can put an undo burden on the poor and working class, so even if you’re asked, you are not required to show a photo ID to vote in these states
Know your rights and exercise them!
2. Many states allow you to register to vote on election day. Not signed up? It’s not too late! Make sure to google the laws for your state, or show up and see what your options are :).
Some states allow you to absentee vote in person as well, so make sure to check to see if you can still vote!
3. If you voted by mail, make sure you signed the back of your envelope! Make sure your vote is counted.
Also, a stamp is NOT required for a vote by mail in Washington. If you mail it, the post office will deliver it to the election board without a stamp. Pop it in the mail and make your voice heard!
Both Oregon and Washington also have drop boxes in your area if you don’t have a stamp, or will accept your signed ballot at the polling stations.
Share this with your friends and make sure to vote tomorrow :). It makes a big difference! 
Thank you, and happy election day!

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