Lush Curves is Coming Out This Friday!

I’m happy to announce that first part of my new series, LUSH CURVES, is coming out this Friday, October 5th!

This is a sensual, BBW erotic romance about Aolani Kahale, a young woman who moved from Hawaii to the mainland with the dream of owning her own photography studio. When her marketing firm takes on a photo shoot for eccentric CEO Gavin Fletcher’s yacht company, she’s whisked into a world she never dreamed of. He wants her to be his new model–the face and body of his campaign.

Gavin Fletcher is a man with a dark secret. Underneath his scottish brogue and outgoing exterior, is a heart that aches from a heavy loss. He thought he’d never be able to love again, but one look at the lovely Aolani stirs feelings inside of him he thought long dead.

Will they be able to trust one another, or will doubt and fear keep them apart?

To celebrate this new release, I’m having a contest! I’m giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner!

Each day this week, there will opportunities for you to gain entries for the prize!

Today, each person who comments on this blog post will automatically get one entry. If you tweet about this blog post, and post the link here, you’ll get THREE entries!

Good luck to you all!

I’m so excited about this series :). I’m already in love with these characters, and hope you will be too!

36 thoughts on “Lush Curves is Coming Out This Friday!

  1. Thanks, Alvery! Polynesian names are gorgeous, so I had fun researching and picking the perfect one! :DThanks, Raminar ;)! No sheeps stomachs if I can help it, but Mr. Fletcher does cook a curry in this one. The only food you should eat when in the UK. Haha!

  2. I have no idea why dark secret and heavy loss made me think that….JUST MAYBE……The guy hit his dog driving home on a rainy evening, returning from picking up a new puppy.That belongs in a country music song right, not erotica?

  3. IRQ: If he dies on us like Robert Jordan did, I'm going to reverse haunt him. (Through seances and the like. I'm pretty sure that would work..)chosen one: I think I could make it work for either!Lori: Thanks, lady! We definitely need more POC's in romance in general. Urdnot Fire: Thanks, dude! Heheh.

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