Feeling Lucky? Why Lucky People Succeed.

Check out this great post I stumbled across on twitter: http://marlamadison.blogspot.com/2012/02/elusive-luck.html

Marla Madison has a very insightful blog post that mirrors the reasons for my own success as a writer and let me have the first birthday of my adult life working from home doing what I love :).

What do you think? Do YOU feel lucky?

One thought on “Feeling Lucky? Why Lucky People Succeed.

  1. Hi, Delilah, I just wanted to stop by and say that I've been a short-time lurker of SA and randomly came across your thread on being an erotica author. I just published my first story today and made 3 sales already!I've been unemployed for a while and I feel like you've shown me a way to save my life and do something I already love, writing. I don't have the funds to get a membership at SA, but if I do come across the money I'll thank you there too.Thank you so much, Delilah, for starting that thread.

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