Fed to the Wolves 3: Blood Moon Rising, is AVAILABLE NOW!

Fed to the Wolves, Part 3: Blood Moon Rising, is AVAILABLE NOW in the Kindle Store!


Fed to the Wolves 3

Tonight’s the night I give myself to the wolves…

Tonight’s the night I let them devour me, ravage me, and hopefully breed me.

Tonight’s the night that I find out just how brave I really am. How much I’m willin’ to give to use my gift of Healing on these savage men, the Boucher Brothers sufferin’ under the curse of the Rougarou…?

But even though every fiber of my bein’ is achin’ to be touched and tasted and filled by these three gorgeous men, I can’t help but feel like that scared little girl who all the kids called “Spooky Gordon.”

What if they hurt me? What if I cry out, but the beasts have taken over? What if they won’t stop?

… What if I don’t want them to?

No matter how much I trust the Boucher Boys, they’re still killers. Dangerous, to say the least, the beasts inside them barely restrained, and howlin’ to be free. Only one thing’s certain…

After tonight, things will never be the same.



Could I get away if things got too rough? Could I cry out for them to stop, to please let me go, this has all be a terrible mistake, and rest easy that they’d listen? That they’d treat me gently? Let me go?
What’s more, did I want them to?
I bit my lip, looking up at them, my Boucher Boys, all three standing naked and erect over me, powerful thighs and strong calves close enough to run my hands over. I remembered the way they’d tasted, each of them, as they poured themselves into me, just a few short hours ago.
Savory and sweet and utterly sinful.
I leaned back on the grass, and let my arms fall over my head, open and ready for whatever they had to give. Ready to be mated by all three of them.
Ready to be ravaged by these wolves.
In the blink of an eye, flesh met flesh. Arms encircled my waist, hands kneaded my breasts, teasing my nipples, now achingly stiff. One of them roughly pushed my thighs apart, eager to be the first to take me, and I spread my legs wide, my body aching to be filled, aching to be fucked like the dirty little girl I was.
The dirty little girl I was just discovering. The naughty, filthy girl locked deep down inside for all of these years. That sexual creature now screaming to be released…


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FED TO THE WOLVES 3: Pre-Order Cancelled, but Book Still Coming Out–New Release Date!

Fed to the Wolves 3Hi, All,

I know some of you had pre-ordered the next book in my new series FED TO THE WOLVES, PART 3: BLOOD MOON RISING, so I wanted to give you a quick head’s up about the release date.

Due to an unexpected family emergency, I realized I would not be able to turn this book in to Amazon by their allotted time (two weeks before the pre-order release date), and had to cancel the pre-order. Those of you who purchased ahead of time, will be getting a notice in your inbox letting you know that the order was cancelled, but fear not! :) The book is still coming out, and very, very soon!

I sincerely apologize for having to cancel that pre-order, and am sorry for any confusion that caused. I SO appreciate you guys who faithfully pre-order, and wanted to give you some love, so you didn’t think I was no longer publishing, or leaving you guys hanging :).

The book will be out the first week in October, as promised, and I’ll blog here, as well as sending out my newsletter on the new Release Day, so you’ll know when to pick up your copy.

Thank you for your understanding, your awesomeness for being one of my loyal readers, and your patience. MWAH!

Have a great night, and love, from Delilah! <3


Fed to the Wolves

FED TO THE WOLVES, Part 1: BAD MOON RISING is available now in the Kindle Store! CLICK HERE to GET YOUR COPY! What they asked of me was impossible. Worse than impossible, it was insane! How could I willingly let … Continue reading

New Release-BOUND BY THE VIKING 4: CORRUPTED is Available Now!

At long last, my lovely readers–a new release from Delilah Fawkes!

Bound by the Viking 4: Corrupted is AVAILABLE NOW in the following stores:


Barnes and Noble: BUY IT HERE

Coming Soon to Kobo!


Here’s a sizzling sneak peak:

“Ha! Look at the nerves on this one!” A soldier pointed at her, cackling. “Hope the little thing can still walk after a night with the chief!”

“She’s no spear maid,” another said, chortling. “Maybe he’ll go easy on this soft thing from the green isle.”

“The softer the better! A supple sheath for an iron blade!”

Laughter roared, and goblets thunked on wood, banging out their approval. Her face burned, but she kept standing, her new husband still gripping her, as if worried she’d fall if he let go.

“Enough, enough,” Alrik said, smiling. “Enjoy the rest of the feast and let the mead flow! We must take our leave.”

Denholm winked and downed the rest of his goblet beside them.

“Ah, the bedding! Good luck to you, little one, and Alrik,” he said. “Tell me if she is as good between her legs as she is between her lips.”

He leered at her, and Aislin turned away, swallowing a curse. The memory of their night together played through her mind, the taste of both of them rising up, unbidden, as gut churning as rot, and at the same time, as sweet as sin.

Alrik laughed and shook the man’s hand, then turned to her.

“Come, wife,” he growled.

Without warning, he bent down and scooped her up in his arms, tossing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Her goblet clattered to the floor. He shouted an order in his native tongue to one of the serving girls, who blanched at his words, then Aislin’s hair was in her face, her nose bumping her master’s tightly-muscled back as he strode off with her.

The clan roared behind them, laughter and song rising to the rafters, as they crossed into the chieftain’s room. The door closed behind them with a dull thud, muting the gaiety of the hall. The loudest noise now was the beating of Aislin’s heart in her ears, and the crackle and snap of the flames in the wide, stone hearth.

Alrik threw her down onto the bed, almost knocking the wind from her. She gasped and looked up at him, eyes shining with fear.

What could she do, now that this terrible moment was upon her? Could she run? Fight? Could she scratch and claw, or bite to keep him from taking the precious gift that lay between her legs?

One look at his face, at the set of his jaw and the glint in his gaze told her it would all be for naught. His rough hands flexed, as if waiting for her to try something, just so he could hold her down, pin her, and show her what good fighting would do her.

He would take what he wanted, and there was nothing she could do to stop him. She was his.


Get your copy now for only 99 cents!

The final installment, BOUND BY THE VIKING 5: CONQUERED is coming very, VERY soon! ;)


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